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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the sentence will come down for bart police officer johannis mehserle. >> oakland businesses are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst as mehserle is sentenced. they are hoping demonstrators stay peaceful. >> per plus, jobs, jobs, jobs. we will break down the news on america's number one worry. it's friday, november 5th today in the bay. it's straight up 6:00. >> we want to get to rob with the hour by hour forecast.
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>> today will be nice. it's sunday you play want to keep the umbrella on stand by. we have 50s and 60s and already 70s inland and as warm as the upper 70s around san jose. 60s for san francisco. for the morning though, really patchy fog that can slow the commute. mike? >> not a major issue for the fog area. traffic is light through that portion. we will take you to the south bay. yesterday a huge issue for 101. the interchange this morning with the roadway completely cleared. no problems throughout the south bay and the map shows you the northbound speed indicated at the limit throughout the northbound commute. no major issues. a little blip on 680 off of the interchange. 580 out of the pass. early slowing on friday, but still a 14-minute drive out of the pass to the dublin interchange. this is friday light and the highway bogs down over past
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horizon lane. a gentle slowing to concord. back to the desk. >> new this morning, the sentencing for johannis mehserle starts at 8:30. he faces up to 14 years in jail for killing unarmed bart passenger oscar grant on new year's day 2009. he said he meant to grab his tazer instead of his gun. oscar grant's mother will give a statement it in court and defense attorneys will ask for a new trial as well. when mehserle is sentenced in an l.a. courtroom, activists here in the bay area plan to rally in support of oscar grant's family. between 2:00 in the afternoon until 10:00 tonight, supporters will gather for performances and speeches in front of oakland city hall. they are asked to bring flowers and cards and pictures in peaceful memory of oscar grant.
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>> concerns things could get ugly based on the sentencing and businesses are being prepared. today in the bay's christie smith live in oakland to show us what they are doing. christie? >> they are doing a couple of things. some are posting pictures of oscar grant to let them know they have sympathy for their cause. others are taking no chances. they are boarding up all their big windows. this is california bank on 20th and franklin. on this corner alone, there three businesses board up. another bank also the nurse's association is boarded up this morning. we are hearing the state board of equalization will close early. others taking the day off all together. they don't want a repeat of the looting and the spray painting and broken windows. vandals got out of control after the verdict. he was convicted of involuntary
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manslaughter and a lost them thought it was too light. during that time in july, 78 people were arrested here in oakland. there a number of huge plate glass windows hit last time and they are not boarded up. christie smith today in the bay. >> hope things go peacefully. stick with us and today in the bay for the latest on the mehserle hearing. we will that have that all day. jody hernandez will have a live update coming up at 6:45. new video just in to the newsroom overnight. czechoslovakiaing out a car driving in oakland on capistrano drive about 2:00 this morning through the wall as you can see. police took one person in the car into custody and another
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person who was also in the car had to be taken to the hospital for minor injuries. no other reports of injuries there. 50-year-old karl bradford nicholas will not explain why he stole the ballots. police say he grabbed the memory card and a cell phone before taking off. they were fished out of a bond at san francisco's palace of fine arts. it has been three days since the election and there a few races still too close to call. we checked the secretary of state website and the latest numbers show san francisco district attorney kamala harris holds a slim lead for attorney general. she leads by about 12,000 votes and by several million, that's a slim lead. there absentee and mail in
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ballots left to be counted. it's closener district 11. jerry nerny holds a tiny lead. he leads by just 129 votes and again absentee ballots are being counted. >> there a lot of ballots to be counted. in san francisco about 71,000 and 14,000 provisional ballots need to be counted. the county registrar said three of the five races for seat on the board of supervisors are undecided. none have the majority. ranked choice voting will be activated today. >> san francisco still looking at how they will choose their next mayor. mayor gavin newsom will become the next mayor in january. the exact process is not established. the president will likely introduce the measure to try to establish that process next week. >> oakland's mayoral race could
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get clearer. they will release preliminary results of ranked choice voting for all races. that's happening at 4:00 this afternoon much the final results won't be announced until next week. don perotta is leading the race. >> pizza is in the the only thing being delivered door-to-door. they are dropping off medical marijuana in one city. the marin alliance said fairfax is going to be delivering pot to members next week. the selective has been working with the city attorney since mid-summer to resolve concerns about the insurance coverage. the marin independent journal said the policy relieves the town of any damages caused by the delivery service and that policy also ensures the workers and the marijuana itself. >> u.s. companies added job for the first time since may and will it make a dent in the unemployment rate? bob redell is live in the
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satellite center with a look at the jobs report released by the labor department. >> just over a half hour ago. good morning to you. the october jobs report, what it shows is surprising and promising for the u.s. economy. yes, the unemployment rate did stay at 9.6%. still a very high number. that is not the surprise. what was unexpected is how many new jobs were created. companies hired 129,000 workers last month. that's more than double what economists were predicts. the government shed 8,000 jobs and you end up with a gain of 150,000 nonfarm payrolls. this is the first increase in jobs in the five months since may. the government also revised the numbers for august and september to show 110,000 fewer jobs lost. for perspective, the economy needs to keep up with population growth and a couple hundred
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thousand to start getting the 15 million americans who are unemployed back to work. within the hour, president obama will be heading to asia to secure new trade deals that will bring new jobs to america. you should be hearing from him within the half hour. live here in the satellite center, scott and brent? >> thank you very much. we want to check in to get the latest on the friday morning commute with mike inouye. >> when mike was talking about the job reports, the peninsula saw a reflection of the dot-com bust. we saw traffic lighten up from foster city into the south bay. over the course of the last year, things have picked up a bit. the numbers are increasing for our area and bob was talking about it. we super no major issues. a light friday volume along 101 and 280 as well. fog may be an issue in daley city and a note that harding park into san francisco on the southside, there is a golf
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tournament continuing. parking is at 8 premium. bart is running a free shuttle over there from the daly city station. no delays reported. one note that bart told us. we have been talking about the mehserle verdict. you guys mentioned the verdict is coming out and depending on public reaction, if they have to, they are prepared to shut down any stations through downtown in that area. >> the trains keep ongoing. >> they keep ongoing. service as need be. another reason to stick with the station for updates. >> an evolving situation. thanks a lot, mike. checking in with rob. looks like a good weekend. we are starting off decent, but by the end of the weekend changes? >> it will start off fine, but sunday we will see big changes around the bay area. 50s and 60s and not too windy women have clouds streaming in and just like yesterday, they are high clouds offshore. the first system we see off to
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the west will bring us a slight chance of a few sprinkles or light showers for tomorrow. sunday we will see the rain blast through. that will finish off the weekend and into the start of next week. patchy fog and pleasant by lunchtime. look at the temperatures. another day in the 70s for most of the inland spots, but it's the second half of the weekend, the temperatures drop and rain rolls in for sunday. back to you. >> time now is 6:11. big medical news and we will see how doctors can catch deadly cancer earlier. >> giants closer brian wilson sat down with jay leno. we will show you clips. >> i guess he doesn't want to get it dirty. >> would you believe this is the same guy? what he did and why experts are worried. it's 6:11 and you are looking at the bay bridge this morning.
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>> good morning. you are looking at a live picture of downtown san jose. a warm day, but change is ahead in the forecast. >> are new this morning, canadian investigators have an interesting case. they show the same man on a flight in hong kong a week ago. witnesses say a man went into the restroom on the flight. the guy on the right. he came outlooking like a goy in his 20s. they arrested the man and found
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a disguise kit in one of his bags. looks like he used somebody else's passport to get on the plane. agents are not saying much about the investigation. >> no survivors aboard a plane that crashed in the mountains of eastern cuba. these are taken after the aero caribbean flight. the flight crew did declare an emergency moments before that crash. the plane was carrying 68 people including 28 foreigners. it appears no americans were on the flight. the twice a week flight takes off from haiti and stops in santiago, cuba and landed in havana. >> the qantas airlines said faulty design might be behind the jumbo jet blowout. they said it's too early to tell what caused the engine to blowout after taking off from singapore. he insists it's a design issue
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and not a maintenance problem. >> you may have received them in the mail. they give you money if you place your money with them. before you cash in, you need to make sure it's a good one. cash offers have more than doubled in the past year. many banks need your money to make loans to borrowers. what you need to worry about is what you can get out of the deal. >> important news out about the number one killer in the country. lung cancer for the first time, a ct scan can reduce lung cancer tests. they are excited about the results that involved 53,000 former and heavy smokers. there were 20% fewer deaths among those who got the ct scan versus a standard chest x-ray. >> we will pick up the early
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cancer and if it is, there is a chance you will survive this cancer. >> the parent company is one of several that makes the scanners we are talking about. >> discovery's next missionville to wait. nasa scrubbed the launch because of a hydrogen leak. you are looking at a live shot in florida. the final mission has been delayed three times, once to fix a leaky fuel valve and yesterday stormy weather canceled yet another launch attempt. the warriors are back at oracle arena playing the utah jazz. the game starts at 7:30. they are off to a good start. 3-0 at home and 4-1 overall. if college football is more your thing, cal is at washington state and that game starts at 1:00 and a big game in balo alto. arizona wildcats play and that
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game starts at 5:00. >> the water polo team is already planning for the 2012 olympics and london has work to do in and out of the pool. joining me this morning, trying to raise money and get things going. you get money going and you have to raise extra we have the great calendar out. >> we have done a couple and one was the combination of the women's team. if you would like to help contribute, you can get yourself a calendar and they will also be found in some of the calendar stores that pop up in the major malls about this time of year. >> some of the other teams like
6:19 am
a skating team and steven colbert puts a logo on their out foot. >> we don't have much space unless we put tattoos on our body. do you expect the core of the team back and will it be a new team? >> most of the guys with the core of the team that is still together. honestly every spot is in contention every year. they need to work hard to maintain their position and we have a great chance. we won silver in beijing and the goal is to change the color of the medal. >> go for the gold. >> one more step. >> how much work do you have to do in preparation for that? as you mentioned, it's 2010. you are roughly about a year and a half or two years away. you have to start thinking about raising the money. you r getting in shape and i troog to form the team. there is a lot of work that goes
6:20 am
into this. >> we also -- people don't realize we have a full competition schedule for the years in between the olympics. world championships is every two years and this summer we will be going to shanghai. >> will money from the calendar help with that? >> absolutely. >> this is a step in the process. >> it is an important step in getting to london. these funds will roll over for the whole next two years to complete our training plan that we need to follow in order to do the best we can. >> a lovely christmas gift. you can get the calendar. >> nothing better on a christmas morning. >> thanks for joining us. we have a little bit of time. i was thanking him for getting up early and water polo guys are up this early anyway for work out. >> thank you very much. >> this is a weird for you. the giants will say goodbye to the world series mvp.
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they didn't pick up the option on his contract. they would have had to pay him $10.5 million and instead they paid him $50,000 and he's a free agent. they can resign him in they want. he hit the three-run home they're ended up being the difference in game five of the world series. another hero, cody ross will sign autographs for san francisco. he will be at macy's at the corner of stockton and o ferrell sometime after 11:00 this morning. whenever the giants closer wants to retire, he may want to consider a new career. the bearded one didn't disappoint on the tonight show with jay leno. he used to be a starter and decided to be a reliever. starters have to be ball boys at batting practice. >> they are firing at your ankles and everyone is laughing and you gave up 11 runs and it's not that funny!
6:22 am
you have to bring the balls to the pitching coach and this goes on for an hour and a half. we are not doing that anymore. good career choice, i think. >> this may not be his late night adventure. a group of fans created a facebook group called brian wilson should host snl and has 13,000 likes t. worked for betty white. it could work for brian wilson. >> you never know. . >> reporting that a train hit a pedestrian on the amtrak lines. this will disrupt the capital corridor service for folks and all train lines traveling on the amtrak lines down here past the merge off the bridge and the east shore freeway. while it disrupted the rail service and a lot of details have to come in on that, of
6:23 am
course amtrak to get more details. the flow on the roads is moving smoothly. it is prds and a lighter commute on the east bay off the bridge. we have your westbound commute direction at the limit. 18 minute drive towards the bay bridge and the berkeley curve area. look at the poll plaza. we see the cash lanes backed up. no metering lights and closer to 6:30 to get turned on for a friday. a golden gate bridge with fog. low beams and not high beams. that makes it tougher to see. >> johannis mehserle could face up to 14 years in prison. a report from los angeles on the way.
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>> mike has been keeping a close eye on that for you. clouds offshore and mainly high for now, but through the weekend we will see a system come by and split apart. maybe an isolated shower or two tonight into saturday. sunday we will see a stronger system that brings the rain back and bring temperatures dropping into the 50s and 60s to wrap up the weekend. we will have for one more day mild temperatures and patchy fog. 60s and 70s around san francisco and oakland. the weekend cools down and highs in the 50s and 60s to wrap up and cool and breezy into the
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start of next week. >> thanks a lot and a live look this morning from washington, d.c. president obama expected to step up to the podium in a few minutes and talk about the new unemployment report that came out. we will be checking in with him and check in with bob redell breaking down the main points at 6:45. in the meantime, it's 6:27 and the raiders are trying to make sure you can watch the game at home. storeowners in oakland are hoping things do not get out of hand after mehserle is sentenced later today.
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oaklandbusinesses preparing for the sentencing of johanni
6:30 am
sirks mehserle. what they are doing, straight ahead. >> america is getting fatter. find out when we might start seeing a trim down. it is friday, november 9th today in the bay. taking care of radio work for us and our friends at knbr. rob has a look at the weekend forecast and a little bit of everything to start out. >> we will see rather rapid changes through the weekend. today your plans are fine. 70s inland and as early as lunchtime even though high clouds will be spilling in. one look at the satellite picture, we will show you the reason why we will see big changes and we have clouds filling in with cooler and wetter weather into sunday.
6:31 am
>> are mike has an accident to tell us about. >> a pedestrian hit and that will affect the service off the merge off the bridge. metering lights that just turned onning the folks and earlier than we expect. the back up forming and slower build. looks like the maps might have frozen. we will take you out there. antioch also jammed up westbound. back to you. i will mix the computer once again. >> reboot. in a few hours, sentence for the former bart police officer contact convicted of killing an unarmed passenger will begin. mehserle convicted of killing
6:32 am
oscar grant on new year's day of 2009. he faces 14 years in prison unless they can argue for a new trial. oscar grant's mother is expected to speak so it could take several hours before we know his fate. the outcome of that controversial case is sure to stir emotions in oakland and across the state. it is hope that people express themselves civilly. christie smith is live in oakland with how police and businesses are trying to prepare just in case protests do get rowdy today. >> good morning. there is a gathering planned for this afternoon near city hall. oakland police are saying they are not expecting crowds as big as last time. that's when peaceful demonstrators showed up and splinter groups broke off. we saw the damage here in downtown oakland while this morning some businesses are taking no chances. they are boarding up and there
6:33 am
three businesses on one corner alone at 20th and franklin including two banks. the nurse's association boarded up this morning and parking is restricted along the area near 17th street where businesses were hit before. oakland police say they want to respect the right to free speech and assembly and they won't tolerate violence and destruction. extra police officers are on duty and outside the law enforcement agencies to come by and help if necessary. back in july following the verdict for mehserle, businesses were spray painted and windows broken and stores looted. many thought the verdict was too light for what happened. this morning we have to say most businesses aren't boarded up in downtown, thinking it won't be as bad as some think. others say they are simply taking the day off and they will be back on monday.
6:34 am
live in oakland, today in the bay. >> thanks a lot. jody hernandez is in los angeles and will be covering the sentencing. it's supposed to open up at 8:30. she will have a live update and what to expect in the hearing in a little bit. >> almost half of all americans will be obese. a study looks at how people gained weight and haven't figured out how to lose t. 40% will reach obesity before this levels off. the spread is due to social interaction, easier access to unhealthy foods and a culture with less physical activity. >> 49 verse a week off and will not play sunday that gives them more time to get over the jet lag. the raiders host the chiefs at 1:15 on sunday. we do not know if the game is going to be blacked out. the nfl normally makes that
6:35 am
decision on the thursday prior to the game. the game was close to being sold out and the deadline has been extended until 1:00 this afternoon. if it sells out the game will be seen on television across the bay area. the sharks are going to be back home and they are trying to figure out how to get the puck in the net. the team has not scored in two games. they were shutout in st. louis and hopefully turn it around when the lightning visits the shark tank at 7:30. we want to recognize the san jose earthquakes in the middle of playoffs with the team with the new york red bulls. they won last night by two goals. the hero of the game was danville native who scored the series-clinching goal and the quakes advance to the finals, but we are still a wading to find out who they will play. >> time is 6:35. no need to sit around and play
6:36 am
xbox. we seal how the connect works. >> we hear he is at the podium right now. we will see what he has to say. >> encouraging news. based on today's jobs report, we now see private sector job growth for 10 straight months. that means that since january, the private sector has added 1.1 million jobs. let me repeat. over the course of the last several months, we have seen over a million jobs added to the american economy. in october, the private sector added 159,000 jobs. we learned that businesses added more than 100,000 jobs in both august and september as well. we now have seen four months of private sector job growth above
6:37 am
100,000. that's the first time we have seen this kind of increase in over four years. now, that's not good enough. unemployment rate is still unacceptably high and we have a lot of work to do. this recession caused a great deal of hardship and put millions of people out of work. in order to repair this damage and create the jobs to meet the large need, we need to accelerate the economic growth to produce jobs at a faster pace. because the fact is, an encouraging jobs report doesn't make a difference if you are looking for work. i won't be satisfied until everybody who is looking for a job can find one. we have to keep fighting for every job or every new business and every opportunity to get the economy moving. just as we pass a bill based on
6:38 am
both parties, i am open to any idea and any proposal and anyway way to get the economy going faster so people who need work can find it faster. this includes tax breaks for small businesses like deferring taxes on new equipment so that they have incentive to expand and hire as well as tax cuts to make it cheaper for enterprises to start companies. this includes new infrastructure to trains to high speed internet so our economy can run faster and smarter. it includes promoting research and innovation and creating incentives in growth sectors like the clean energy economy. is certainly includes keeping tax rates low for middle class families and extending unemployment benefits to help those hardest hit by the downturn while generating more demand in the economy. it's also clear that one of the keys to creating jobs is to open
6:39 am
markets. to american goods made by american workers. our prosperity depends not just on consuming thing, but also on being the maker of things. in fact for every $1 billion we increase in exports, thousands of jobs are supported here at home. that's why i set a goal of doubling america's exports over the next five years. that's why on the trip that i'm about to take, i'm going to be talking about opening up additional markets in places like india. so american businesses can sell more product abroad to create more jobs here at home. this is a reminder that the most important competition we face in the new century will not be between democrats and republicans. it will be to lead the global economy. our success or failure in the race will depend on whether we can come together as a nation. our future depends on putting politics aside to solve
6:40 am
problems. to worry about the next generation instead of the next election. we can't spend two years myered in gridlock. countries like china are not standing still and we can't either. we have to move forward. i'm confident if we can do that, if we can work together, this country will not only recover, but it will prosper. i'm looking very much forward to helping to pry the markets open and help american businesses and put people back to work in the course of this trip. thank you very much. >> you are listening to the president showing positive information in the fifth straight month of growth. we'll be right back. [ bell rings ]
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welcome back. 50s and 60s and getting in more mild day. you can see the radar not picking up a lot yet. the weekend is a completely different story. the first system will split apart and maybe an isolated
6:44 am
shower, looks like a dry start, but not a dry finish. the rain is filling in and breezy at times. look at the highs. 50s and 60s to wrap up through the weekend. 70s for most places and upper sick no, sir san francisco. patchy dense fog for the morning and low 70s this afternoon. we will start to cool down and remember the time change sunday morning. an extra hour of sleep and weather pattern change as well as the rain rolls in for sunday. back to you. >> in a few hours, former bart police officer mehserle will learn his face. he faces up to 14 years in jail unless they can get a light sentence or a new trial. in los angeles right now, this is where the sentencing hearing is going to happen. she is covering the trial on the phone this morning. i know it could be an emotional day. people on both sides will get to speak before the judge hands down the sentence. >> a very emotional day.
6:45 am
mehserle has been in jail since he was convicted in july waiting for this day. waiting to hear what his fate will be. oscar grant's family has been waiting nearly two years to have this wrapped up. a lost emotion on both sides. we can expect that both families will speak in open court. oscar grant's aunts and uncles and mother and girlfriend are expected to address the court. this is the first time they have a chance to speak in open court and tell the judge how they have been impacted and explain their nightmare and how the family impacted. we understand that mehserle will make a statement. his attorney said he is preparing a 10-minute statement. one thing that the families wanted to hear and they repeated this over and over in the months since the shooting. they haven't heard a direct
6:46 am
apology. they will get that today. his attorney will make it very clear that he is sorry and he is sorry to the family for what happened, he is going to apologize in court. >> we're are also hearing and we talked to analysts who expect that mehserle's attorneys will also ask for a new trial. do you think that will happen or will we proceed with sentencing as scheduled? >> that will happen. there will be arguments. it's not going to be a quick hearing andy wool not get in court and hear a sentence right away. they will argue that they believe they are entitled because of the verdict. the jury did convict him of manslaughter saying he didn't intend to kill oscar grant, but at the same time they came back with a gun enhancement.
6:47 am
that is contrary. the legal experts seem to believe maybe they have a shot at gunning the trial. if that happens, the sentencing will not happen today. >> thank you very much, jody hernandez live in los angeles getting ready to go to court again. this is slated to begin at 8:30 and take several hours before we get the sentencing results. >> oakland police will be ready for possible protests after mehserle's sentencing. christie smith continues team coverage with how officers and businesses are preparing. good morning. >> i can tell you that groups are coming to downtown to have a demonstration to honor oscar grant in front of city hall. they don't expect crowds to be as big as last time. some businesses have pictures of oscar grant in the window perhaps as a show of sympathy and others are taking no chances
6:48 am
and boarded up. this is california bank. on con corner, there three business boarded up. we are hearing the state board of equalization may be closing early in oakland as well. others simply taking the day off. they don't want a repeat of the looting and spray painting and broken windows that happened in july when vandals got out of hand. mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and many people thought this was just too light. 78 people were arrested. meantime, i have to say most of the businesses in drivings around downtown oakland, most of them are not boarded up at all. live in downtown oakland, today in the bay. >> stick with us in the biarea and today in the bay for the latest on the hearing for live reports all morning.
6:49 am
jody will bring that to you from los angeles the second it happens. keep in mind the area at 12th and broadway, restrictions? place. bart after the last stage in the trial saw a lot of activity causing bart to shut down. should there be reactions, they will react as well. some of the stations being open or closed. keep your eyes on our reports as well. no delays report and 55 trains reported on time. through the entire bart system and oakland shows a nice easy drive for the commute on the roadways achl note for folks after work, the warriors game you will find congestion before or after the game. with the tail lights through
6:50 am
downtown without major delays and speeds at 50. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the slow down. they are backing up for most of the lanes, but not quite become to west grand avenue. you still have the traditional slow spots. >> thanks a lot. more news after the break including gadget friday. wile l up. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer oo
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>> a little bit of haze. you might see fog on the way to work. the weekend forecast with rob. >> you see the fog around the golden gate bridge and tracking high level clouds over the bay area. the radar scenes going this morning, but not much rain yet. we will see high clourds and sunshine. temperatures mostly in the 70s and today will be the last of the warm days. come tomorrow, temperatures cool down and an isolated sprinkle or two. sunday and we will see the changes in the 50s and 60s and rain rolling in around midday. that's a look at the forecast. time for the coolest gadget friday. >> it is really fun. we had a lot of cool ones. let me show you tape first. this is microsoft connect. this young woman is raying in a race and the microsoft xbox follows along with her. this has a special sensor that explains or figures out where
6:54 am
she is and you can play and don't have to have any sort of equipment or anything. peter will join me live on set here. you just step in there and we are going to play the game and register you and say my goodness, he is tall. holy cow. look how tall you are. you are not even in the picture. back up. get out of here. let me show you how to t works with us regular short people. we will have peter play because he's this olympic water polo player. she too tall for the sensor. you move yourself back and forth and you jump and it senses that you are jumping. it's very cool. peter, i'm sorry i had to kick you out. come on back in. people will buy your calendar there at for the water polo race.
6:55 am
microsoft connect is very cool. i have a couple other things to talk about. microsoft is opening up their own stores today. they will be selling this microsoft connect. if you have the xbox it's about $150 extra. coming up sunday on press, i have a great press here for you. this lady is supposed to be the meanest boss in america according to one newspaper article or magazine article. selina lowe will have the head of my space. a couple of months to get my space turned around all on press this sunday at 9:00 a.m. >> fun and games here. we have approach that after winning a world title, tempations and cameras are everywhere. pablo sandoval the panda popping up on the sf gate blog. he is busted with the massive sunday. sandoval get as i lot of
6:56 am
criticism because of his weight and somebody pops a picture. this is six groups of ice cream with carmel and chocolate. the blog does say he was with his family. they have three kids there. you never know whoate it. he probably had a lot of help. offer win a world championship, you deserve to have a little sundae. >> or a big sundae. >> even if he ate the whole thing. >> keep that panda figure. >> he will take a swing. >> check in with rob and take a peek at the forecast. change is coming. >> quite a week. the fantastic weather for the victory parade. today probably the last of the warm days. patchy fog this morning and 70s for lunchtime. clouds on the increase late or this afternoon. that is going to lead to a chance of sprinkles on the coastline or the coastal mountain tops. saturday obviously the drier of the two days.
6:57 am
rain comes back in and much cooler. we are talking 20 degrees cooler by the end of the weekend. >> thanks, rob. the big story we are watch signature mehserle sentencing. it getting under way at about 8:30. it will take several hours before we have the result. jody hernandez is in los angeles with sentencing updates as soon as they happen. stick with nbc bay area and and we will be following that all day. >> we're will continue with the cut ins into the "today" show up next. ♪ [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh,
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